Use SkillScribe to Create & Distribute Educational Courses for Medical Professionals.

Joining SkillScribe in 30 seconds

Joining SkillScribe is simple and free. Just click the Join SkillScribe link above to begin, then enter your e-mail address and choose a password. Your account is created, and you are free to explore our growing collection of Teams and SkillSets.

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Subscribing to SkillSets

A SkillSet is our own terminology for a collection of knowledge segments on a particular topic. These segments can consist of rich text information, audio podcasts, images, video, as well as quiz questions. They are also delivered to you in a pedagogically sound, time released manner, as decided by the author of the content.

Creating Teams and SkillSets

Perhaps you and your colleagues have an idea for a SkillSet or even a series of SkillSets? SkillScribe is also a content authoring platform that allows content authors to collaboratively create and publish interactive SkillSets. You control the price of your content, and you control the delivery frequency (i.e. instant, daily, weekly, or monthly) of your segments to subscribers.

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4. Publish Your SkillSets and Earn Revenue

If you choose to sell your SkillSets for profit the SkillScribe platform facilitates the whole process for you. Users can browse the SkillSets you have published, and purchase them directly from your Team page. We take a small percentage per transaction, and deliver the rest to you.